Save precious grant funds and lab space with this new innovative system!

The Kinder Scientific MotorMonitor System is an industry breakthrough, providing the possibility of multiple motor activity assays on a single system through the innovative Behavioral System Core. The Behavioral System Core is a completely new approach to behavioral automation; a single universal control chassis that simplifies the overall automation design of your lab allowing you to run and control several assays off of a single computer!

The Behavioral System Core runs all of our behavioral assays:
• Open Field
• Home Cage
• Plus Maze
• Rotometer
• Light/Dark
• Startle Reflex
• Active & Passive Avoidance
• Forced Swim
• Tail Suspension
• Cue & Contextual Fear Conditioning
• Place Preference
• Learning Hole Board

With just a single PC Computer and one of our Behavioral System Cores you can run any of these assays. Simply connect each assay station to the Behavior System Core and run the appropriate software. Expansions are available for up to 64 stations! You no longer need to purchase an additional system and computer just to run an additional assay.  More data collection at less expense!  It’s About the Data!!

Computer Requirements: PC with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro
Power: 90-240 vac 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions: 14.4″ wide x 23.7″ long
Subject Field dimensions: 9.5″ wide x 18.0″ long
Maximum number of stations: 32
PhotoBeams: Infrared PhotoBeams with 16 X and 16 Y resolution
Housing: Brushed stainless steel
Computer Interface: A single ethernet connection or RS232 serial port, regardless of the size of the system!