Kinder Scientific’s Hole Board allows you to study learning and memory, exploratory behavior and spatial learning with an assay that has a high throughput. Our hole board apparatus consists of a 8 – 18 hole floor insert (your choice).  The hole board apparatus may be used alone or with our Open Field System all of which is preferably housed within our Sound Isolation Chamber.  The Open Field System, equipped with infrared (IR) beams, allows detection and recording of locomotor activity and nosepokes into the holes on the hole board apparatus.  Typically, two Open Field System arrays of IR beams are used to track an animal’s activity (X, Y & Rears) on the Hole Board and its nosepokes into the holes of the Hole Board.

The software associated with the our hole boards facilitates analysis of the animals’ behavior including Working-memory errors (entries to holes already visited during a trial) and reference-memory errors (entries to non-baited holes).  The Sound Isolation Chamber isolates the animal from the ambient environment and allows you to determine the parameters of the environment around the Hole Board including lighting within the Sound Isolation Chamber.

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