A paradigm originally developed in the 1970’s has matured with the introduction of Kinder Scientific’s Automated Forced Swim System. The Forced Swim paradigm is the most widely used tool for assessing antidepressant activity. The extensive use of this model is based in its ease of use, reliability across laboratories and ability to detect a broad spectrum of antidepressant agents. Now it is possible to automatically score this well-accepted task with ease and superb accuracy. Based on our famous MotorMonitor software, the Forced swim System consists of two 4 x 4 photo beam arrays that allow for the monitoring of swimming and climbing behaviors.

Designed for both the Forced Swim and Modified Forced Swim procedures, this simple unit can get at all important measures effortlessly. The software makes an easy task of reducing the data by allowing export of an entire study into one CSV (comma separated values) file. This file is then used for quick transfer into a spreadsheet or other statistical program. Immobility can be defined by the researcher, allowing for compatibility with your previous observationally scored studies. This robust system has been fully validated so that you can be confident that your data is accurate and reliable. Don’t waste another minute sitting with a stopwatch and pad or endlessly trying to achieve the optimum setup for your video system. Bring a Kinder Scientific Automate Forced Swim System into your lab today and enjoy the benefits of a fully automated and reliable system. And with Kinder Scientific’s exclusive quick drain system, water changes are effortless.

Key Feature:
The only forced swim tank to be plumbed for easy emptying and cleaning. Simply move the unit over a sink and open the release valve. Specially designed with a large flow to prevent clogging due to waste material.

Diagnostic LEDS:
12 green activity LEDS.
4 yellow status LEDS: Switch, rearing, normal mode and float mode.
16 Infrared PhotoBeams (4 X & 4 Y)Horizontal, (4 X & 4 Y)Horizontal
Individual start button at each station
Automatic 4 level diagnostics
Maximum Stations 16
Computer Interface – a single RS232 Serial Port
User Definable Zones – not factory restricted.
Post Processing Analysis
Session Templates
Individual Runtime Clocks for each station
User selectable output measures.
Optional Advanced Graphic Comparators – HotSpots, Playback & OverTime
X Ambulations
Y Ambulations
Time in Zone
Time at Rest
Entries into Zone
Time Active
Fine Movements
Pokes into Zone
Climbing Option
Total Breaks

Ordering Information:
MM100 MotorMonitor software and control chassis
FS1000 Forced Swim Station-Rat
FS2000 Forced Swim Station-Mouse
MM100-OPT HotSpots Graphic Comparator
MM200-OPT OverTime Graphic Comparator
MM300-OPT Playback Module

Computer Requirements: IBM PC compatible with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro, Pentium 500Mhz processor, 512 Mhz Ram, SVGA monitor, 1 gigabyte free hard disk space.
Power: 90-240vac 50-60 Hz
Overall Dimensions: 14.4″ wide x 23.75″ long x 0.83″ high.
Internal Frame dimensions: 9.5” wide x 18.0” long.
Maximum number of stations: 16
PhotoBeams: Infrared PhotoBeams with 4 X and 4 Y resolution.
Computer Interface: A single ethernet connection or RS232 serial port, regardless of the size of the system!
Frame Front Panel: Momentary push button start switch (3 second lock out.)