Sound Isolation ChamberKinder Scientific’s Sound Isolation Chamber is available in all Open Field System sizes (e.g., to enclose the standard Open Field System (22.1″ wide x 22.1″ long x 15.83″ high) or the Large Animal Open Field System (39.0″ wide x 38.77″ long x 15.83″ high)) and in Home Cage sizes (15.50″ wide x 27.25″ long x 15.83″ high).  We use our unique sound deadening technology to create these chambers for sound sensitive studies, offering 10 dB greater attenuation than our competition! If additional sound attenuation is desired, we can line the inner walls of the Sound Isolation Chamber with anechoic (acoustic) foam.
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Acoustic Performance

  • Cabinet Isolation – 30 dB
  1. INTERIOR LIGHTING. Sound Isolation Chambers all come with interior lighting. The chambers come standard with an LED light board that is adjustable in intensity from “off” to all on. For a bit more, we can put in an extra-bright light LED light board that is also adjustable in intensity from “off” to “really bright.”
  2. ABILITY TO PASS ADDITIONAL WIRES. If you would like to be able to feed in additional electrical wires  into the Sound Isolation Chambers, we can add a hole of any dimension to the ceiling or side wall that would allow power plugs of that size to pass through and that would be sealable with a slotted rubber plug. We work with you to find the best location in the ceiling or wall for the plug and also a good hole size.
  3. SPEAKERS. We can also add a speaker to the Sound Isolation Chamber. We sell more Startle Monitor Systems than anybody. Consequently, we know how to add speakers to things like these Sound Attenuation Chambers as well. (In many ways, the Sound Attenuation Chambers are like the Startle Monitor boxes that have speakers as part of their system.)
  4. VENTILATION. Sound Attenuation Chambers also come with ventilation via a fan that passes air through our proprietary sound filtering design. The result is that you get ventilation for the animal without bringing in ambient noise into the chamber.

Physical characteristics:
● Compact Cabinet Design 18.50” (46.99 cm) wide x 31.66″ (80.42 cm) deep by 24.16″ (61.37 cm) high
● Weight: 50 lbs (22.73 kg)
● Cabinet built from High Quality Laminate and MDF