Kinder Scientific, a Leading Animal Behavior Medtech Company, Expands Ownership and Management Team

SAN DIEGO, CA (May 26, 2016) – Kinder Scientific, a leading animal behavior assay development and manufacturing company, today announced several positive developments that position the Company for the future.  Kinder Scientific announces restructured ownership and additional management.  As a result of the transaction, Craig F Kinghorn has been appointed Chairman of the Board, Curtis D. Kinghorn has been appointed CEO/President and Michael Kinder will become Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

“We are incredibly excited to become part of a company with 19 years of history in the animal behavior assay industry. We are confident that our commitment to excellence in developing new products, manufacturing and customer service will help us carry on the legacy of quality this company was built on,” said Craig Kinghorn, Chairman of the Board.

“We recognize Kinder Scientific as a market leader and are eager to become an integral part of its continued success. Kinder Scientific’s superior product quality and exceptional service form an established product platform and market position that will allow us to expand our product offerings and reach out to a broader customer base,” said Curt Kinghorn, CEO and President.

“The restructuring is a significant milestone in our continuing evolution,” said Michael Kinder, founder of Kinder Scientific and its new Executive Vice President/CTO.  “I am excited about the opportunity and believe that with the Kinghorns on board, we are in the position to take Kinder Scientific to the next level and exceed our goals in every aspect of the business, from products and services to customer service and support.”

“A smooth “behind the scenes” transition between our current and new partners is anticipated, with no interruption in daily business transactions. I also foresee an increase in our commitment to helping our customers achieve their scientific and research results,” said Curt Kinghorn.

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