Your RESEARCH is SUPER IMPORTANT!!!! We know that many of you have ONE OR MORE of the following CONCERNS:

  1. You want the BEST DATA you can get
  2. You have a LIMITED BUDGET
  3. You have LIMITED SPACE in your Lab
  4. You want ASSAYS that are EASY TO LEARN and EASY TO USE
  5. You want PILOT DATA for your grant submission
  6. You want to START a new lab or START a new field of research

We Heard You!!! and now Offer you TWO SOLUTIONS:

Save precious grant funds and lab space with this innovative system! The Kinder Scientific Behavioral System Core (BSC), when released in 2012 was an industry breakthrough! The NEW BSC JUMP takes this innovation to the next level!!

The Behavioral System Core (BSC) is a computer we developed for the GLP/Pharma market that controls the entire system and connects the automated behavioral assay to a single desktop or laptop computer regardless of the number of stations you are running (thus saving you from having to buy a dedicated computer for each station). The desktop or laptop computer acts as an interface and also does the post-data collection analysis. This arrangement protects your data, including from the vagaries and updates of Windows operating systems. The BSC has been a huge help to researchers in both the GLP/Pharma and Academic arenas particularly as it has helped researchers minimize cost and lab space.

With the introduction of the BSC Jump, the BSC now comes in two “flavors:” BSC100, the traditional BSC, and the BSC Jump, our newest BSC. The BSC Jump is engineered to make Kinder Scientific systems, which lead the pharma market with its high standards, more accessible to academic markets. (Essentially, we wanted to make our top quality devices available to the academic market!)

For a Limited Time, save SIGNIFICANTLY on a BSC Jump! Here’s how the cost savings works: For a Limited Time, the standard price for the BSC Jump is $700 whereas the BSC100’s standard price is $4390. The BSC Jump has essentially the same functionality as the BSC100 but can’t run as many systems (see the comparison chart below) and without some of the safeguards the pharma industry needs for their regulatory requirements. Further, here is a key feature of the BSC Jump that may interest you: if you purchase the BSC Jump and ever decided to “upgrade” to the BSC100, Kinder Scientific will buy back your BSC Jump for $700, a 100% rebate!

Finally, once you have the BSC in whatever flavor for one assay (e.g., for an Open Field System), you will be able, without having to buy another BSC, to run multiple other of our assays (e.g., Home Cage system, Startle Monitor systems, …. all of our assays) off of a single computer connected to that BSC with the same savings in computer costs and lab space.

The BSC Jump runs the following behavioral assays in the quantities listed:

• Open Field – 1 or 2 frames with or without rearing

• Home Cage – 1 or 2 frames with or without rearing

• Startle Reflex – 1 station

With just a single PC Computer and the BSC in any “flavor,” you can run any of the assays listed below. Simply connect each assay station to the BSC and run the appropriate software. More data collection at less expense!  It’s About the Data!!



Behavioral System  Core (BSC)




Behavioral System Core (BSC)


GLP Quality Assays Available Motor/Learning&Memory/examples*:

  • Open Field frames
  • Home Cage frames
  • Plus Maze
  • Zero Maze
  • Forced Swim
  • Tail Suspension


  • Startle Monitor stations


  • Passive & Active
  • 3 Position Fear Conditioning

  • Open Field frames
  • Home Cage frames


  • Startle Monitor stations
Behavioral System Core BSC100 – runs all assays BSCJump
Software MotorMonitor StartleMonitor AvoidanceMonitor MotorMonitor StartleMonitor
Number of Stations that Can Be Run Motor/Learning&Memory/ examples*:

  • Open Field frames  – 36
  • Home Cage frames – 40
  • Plus Maze – 8
  • Zero Maze – 8
  • Forced Swim – 40
  • Tail Suspension – 4


  • Startle – 16


  • Passive & Active  – 8
  • 3 Position Fear Conditioning – 8

  • Open Field frames – 2
  • Home Cage frames – 2


  • Startle Monitor stations – 1
  • GLP Quality assays
  • Maximum Flexibility!
  • Save Lab Space
  • Save Computer Costs
  • Easy to Use
  • Once you buy the BSC100, you don’t have to buy another one; it runs all our assays
  • Once you buy software, you don’t have to buy it again for other assays in that same class
  • GLP Quality assays
  • Easy to Use
  • Save significant money (~$4000) to get PILOT DATE or get STARTED!!
  • If you later want to upgrade, we will buy back the BSCJump at 100%!!
  • Once you buy software, you don’t have to buy it again for other assays in that same class
 Good Laboratory Practices – the FDA Standard for Drug Company Data *Click here to see the full line of available products

  It’s About the Data!!