LM100 Learning & Memory System

Our Learning & Memory System sets the industry standard for versatility and design. With the ability to perform a multitude of paradigms, this system can easily adapt to your changing research needs.

With an impressive set of design features found on no other system currently available, the LM100 provides the level of confidence needed for the most demanding laboratory environments.

Stainless Steel Animal Compartments & Electronics-Free Grid Floor Designed with the user in mind, there are no electronics in the animal compartments. The entire unit can be removed and
placed in a cagewash or autoclave for effortless cleaning!


This innovation finally provides a solution to truncated shock. When animals receive shock they will inevitably discharge much fluid and excrement. When this occurs there is frequently a resulting coating that will develop between shock grids. This coating can easily truncate some of the shock away from the subject, which of course will confound the data. To solve this problem we have built a unique testing circuit that helps you test for the condition and resolve it prior to running studies.

Programmable Wall Coloring for Improved Behavior Performance!

Single Trial Passive Avoidance has long had the problem of First Trial Crossing Failure. The failure of the subject to cross to the dark side on its’ first exposure to the enclosure greatly puts into question the use of that animal in the data. By using these programmable wall colors and other Kinder Scientific unique enclosure designs you be able reduce the impact of this common problem.

Impressive Paradigm List and Features

  • Active Avoidance
  • Single Trial Passive Avoidance
  • Multi-trial Passive Avoidance
  • Trials to Criterion – 18
  • Windows based PC software (Windows 7 Pro or Windows 10 Pro) which is simple to use and based on the user screens from our popular MotorMonitor and StartleMonitor products
  • Runs from any style computer via the serial port, even laptops
  • Easily converts to rat or mouse studies within minutes
  • Each Station is run independently with separate start buttons.
  • No card to install, just a simple serial port connection
  • Run up to stations 8 for higher throughput