Sound Isolation ChamberKinder Scientific’s Sound Isolation Chamber is available in all Open Field System sizes (e.g., to enclose the standard Open Field System (22.1″ wide x 22.1″ long x 15.83″ high) or the Large Animal Open Field System (39.0″ wide x 38.77″ long x 15.83″ high)) and in Home Cage sizes (15.50″ wide x 27.25″ long x 15.83″ high).  We use our unique sound deadening technology to create these chambers for sound sensitive studies, offering 10 dB greater attenuation than our competition!

Acoustic Performance

  • Cabinet Isolation – 30 dB

Physical characteristics:
● Compact Cabinet Design 18.50” (46.99 cm) wide x 31.66″ (80.42 cm) deep by 24.16″ (61.37 cm) high
● Weight: 50 lbs (22.73 kg)
● Cabinet built from High Quality Laminate and MDF